Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Paragraph on Greenhouse Effect


  • What is greenhouse effect? And what is its specialty?
  • How has our world become something of that type? And why the warmth of the atmosphere is increasing day by day?
  • What are the effects of the increased warmth of the atmosphere?
  • What is our duty at this situation?
Answer: The greenhouse effect is now one of the most serious problems in the world. Actually greenhouse is a house made of glass. In cold countries people grow vegetables and other plants in it. Its specialty is that is receives heat from the sun and can retain it inside. That heats trapped inside it. Our world has now become something of that type. Numerous industries and vehicles are emitting huge amount of carbon dioxide and other gases every day. These gases are acting as a glass which retain the heat coming to earth from the sun. Consequently, the warmth of the atmosphere is increasing day by day. As a result of this, the polar ice caps are melting and the sea-level is rising. Many low-lying countries are now at the risk of being flooded by the rising water-level. Moreover, various natural calamities such as cyclone, storm, tidal bore, emission of carbon dioxide must be controlled to avert this catastrophic disaster.


Greenhouse Effect

Question: Write a paragraph in about 120 words on 'Greenhouse Effect' by answering the questions below.
  • What is greenhouse effect?
  • What are the causes of greenhouse effect?
  • What will happen if the world's temperature keeps on rising?
  • What is the threat for Bangladesh?
  • How can this problem be solved? 
Answer: In cold countries green plants and vegetables are grown in glass houses where sun-rays necessary for trees are trapped. As a result, cold air cannot harm them. But the heat trapped in this system cannot go out of this earth. For this reason, our atmosphere which is guarded by an ozone layer cannot resist the entrance of ultra violet rays from the sun. This causes the increase of temperature in the atmosphere which has an adverse effect. This is called greenhouse effect. The main effect of greenhouse is the increase of carbon di-oxide. With the increase of carbon di-oxide the temperature of the earth is becoming hotter day by day. So, the ice in the polar regions is melting and if this process continues for a long time the level of water in the seas will rise and thereby flood coastal areas and farmlands will go under water. The alarming news about Bangladesh is that for the rise of the sea level, the lower southern part of the country may one day go under water. So, deliberate cutting down of forests must be stopped, tree plantation programme must be made momentous and sources of emitting carbon di-oxide and carbon monoxide should be controlled.