Monday, November 03, 2014

Composition on Your First Day at School

Introduction: when I was a child my elder brother was a student. He was senior to me by three years. He would go to school go to school every day. I pressed him to take me with him.

A sense of joy and happiness: when I attained at the age of five, father proposed that I should be admitted in a school. I heard of it and was very glad. They day was Monday. Mother washed me well, combed my hair and dressed me in new costly clothes. Father also dressed himself in fine clothes and became ready. Then he went to the village primary school. I accompanied him there.

A sense of shyness before the headmaster: my father went to the headmaster and requited me to admit me in class one. I felt shy and stood with my eyed fixed upon the ground. But his loving and affectionate word rid me of the shyness. I looked at him and he, with a smile, asked me what my name was. I told him my name. He was glade and admitted me in class one.

Welcomed by the class teacher and classmates: There were twenty five boys of my age in the class. I felt a kind of shyness when I was led there. My class teacher spoke to me tenderly. My classmates welcomed me with smiling laces. My class teacher also asked me what my name was I answered him promptly but politely. He was glad at on this. I was then given the first lesson in Bengali. I read it with my classmates for one hour. Then my class was dismissed and I went home.

Conclusion: my first day at school was very pleasant. Now though I am a student of class nine still I remember my first day at school. I shall never forget the happy day.