Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Composition on Food problem in Bangladesh

Introduction: Bangladesh is a poor small country but her population is very big. Man cannot live without food. So earning his bread has always been his principal occupation. There was a time when Bangladesh was the granary of this subcontinent. Then the people of Bangladesh were happy in all respects. They devoted their time and energy to the development of cottage industry and culture. But we now suffer greatly from the shortage of food stuffs every year.

Causes of the problem: the causes of food problem in Bangladesh are many. Our total land area is 14 million hectares or 35 million acres. We are too many (About 110 million) to live on this small land. Sixty percent of our total land is occupied by cultivable land. On an average each person has only 0-37 acres of cultivable land. In the circumstances so small a piece of land cannot even produce enough crops to provide the bare necessary amount for our existence. We have not yet brought every nice of our cultivable land under cultivation. Most of our lands are ploughed in the traditional way.

Measures to be taken: it is true that we cannot increase the land area of the country. It is also true that we should not depend on other countries for food stuffs. So we must take effective measures to grow more food and cope with the food problem. We must bring every inch of our idle land under plough. Then land must be examined, classified and plotted out. Labor should be given proper training in scientific method of cultivation. More and more areas of land should be brought under irrigations system.

Conclusion: the success of any program depends on the persons who are field workers. The greatest wealth of Bangladesh is her manpower. Our land has potentiality to yield much more product. If our manpower is properly exploited and utilized, we shall soon be able to double the production of food. In this way we can solve the problem.