Thursday, September 18, 2014

Short Composition on The Value of Reading Newspaper

Introduction: every man wants to know current information of the world. Newspaper comes to our door carrying news of home and abroad in every morning. In the modern world, the first thing a man looks for a after his breakfast is the newspaper. We can know at once what happens, in the other part of the world. The main object of the newspaper is to bring us news.

Usefulness: the newspaper is highly useful to us. An educated man of modern age cannot do without reading newspaper. It gives us news of different places and views of different persons. Every citizen can know through it the policy of the government of the country.

A store house of knowledge: the players get the news of games and sports through the newspaper. The speeches of great leaders are available in it. The newspaper contains many valuable articles composed by famous writers. So a newspaper I a store house of knowledge. It increases the knowledge of readers.

Demerits: newspaper, however, is not unmixed blessing. It has some demerits also. It sometimes publishes false of partial news and views. It creates misunderstanding and embitters relations between individuals, parties and nations.

Conclusion: newspapers are the encyclopedia of our life. Still, modern life is not possible without newspapers. Government of different countries has to give attention to the fearless criticism of newspapers. The freedom of the press is the first thing for the freedom of the people.