Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Shor Essay On Population Problem of Bangladesh

Population is an asset for a country. But when a country has a large population out of her capacity for to afford food, shelter and other fundamental needs, population becomes a burden for her. Then the population is treated as a problem. Bangladesh is an over populated country and her large population is a problem her.

Bangladesh is a small country having an area of 1,47,570 square kilometers. But it is burdened with a large population of 154.7 million people. It is the most densely populated country of the world. More than one thousand people live in per square kilometer. The population is still increasing in an alarming rate. More than two millions people are included in our total population every year. Population growth has come to a form of explosion. The growth rate is very high due to illiteracy, early marriage superstitions and lack of knowledge about family planning among the people.

Over population is a serious problem for our country. It hinders the economic development of our nation. Every year a large number of people is added and the additional people need additional foods, shelter, clothes, medicines and other things. It has become difficult for Bangladesh to feed her total population properly. Our land is limited. Increasing population makes habitation on cultivable land. So, our cultivable land is decreasing every year. If we do not control the growth of population, our country will not be able to produce crops enough to feed all. Population problem begets some other problems. Unemployment problem, poverty, disease, corruption are created from over population.
Population growth should be kept under control. Effective family planning can control the population explosion. The government is trying to control the situation. All of us should come forward to assist the government. Awareness should be raised among the illiterate and village people. We should impart people about the benefits of planned and small family. Early marriage should be stopped. If all classes of people are aware of the problem can be reduced to a great extent. Over population hinders our national prosperity. So we should check our population growth.