Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Composition on Our Unemployment Problem

Introduction: employment is an occupation which is connected with various productions. Unemployment is the opposite of employment. When a man is out of any kind of productive work, he is regarded any unemployment. It is known to all that this problem is very acute when any country is over populated.

Description: unemployment is a great social evil. It is imperative for, the peace and prosperity of social life. All the able bodied persons in a society should be engaged in one occupation. They earn money to maintain themselves and their families. An unemployed man has to lead a vagabond life.

Causes of unemployment: there are many causes of unemployment. Unemployment is a worldwide problem. Co country of the world is free from unemployment problem. When any country’s population is over and opportunity of works is limited, unemployment problem is obvious there. This problem is very acute is Bangladesh. Our country had been under foreign rule. They did not build big industries in this country. And for this reason our country is industrially very backward. There are some mills and factories which are not flourished conditions. Similarly, agriculture is in the old system. As the supply of land is limited, it cannot employ a large number of people. Secondly, our system of education fails to give a student an independent start in life. Besides, our students and youth have a falls sense of dignity and prestige.

How to solve this problem: now this is an important question on this situation. Proverb says, ‘where there is a problem and there is a solution’. At first, government should be established to achieve the goal. The people should be educated and over population should be controlled. And religious superstitions and other social prejudices must be removed. Sense of national building should run in the blood. Fatalist conceptions are the main obstacles to overcome the unemployment problem. Dignity of labour should be established among the educated young men.

Conclusion: in Bangladesh the unemployment problem is increasing to the alarming situations. This situation is not good for the whole people. Anyway, timely and proper steps should be taken to save our economy and protect the nation from certain devastation.