Saturday, August 23, 2014

Short Essay On Wonder of Science

This is an age of science. So the modern world cannot go even for a single day without science. The present civilization is the gift of modern science.

Electricity is the first wonder of science. We cannot think of modern civilization without electricity. It enlightens our house and streets. It helps to run the machines or mills and factories. The telegraph, the telephone and the wireless are also the wonderful inventions of science. Thy carry our massages to distant places in the twinkling of an eye. Radio, cinema, television are the wonders of science. We can hear the news of the whole world through the radio set. Both radio and television are good entertainments. Television is a combination of radio and cinema. We can hear and see the moving and talking pictures in it

Science has made space travel possible. It has released nuclear energy. Now this energy is used not only of medicine, science has made a great contribution by inventing X-ray, radium, penicillin, vaccines, antibiotic, ultra-violet ray etc. Computer is the latest invention of science.

All these inventions of science influence our daily life. These blessings of science have made our life easy and comfortable. Science has made the world smaller. The invention of printing press has helped us spread of education. Nowadays science has influenced our life so must that we cannot think a moment without it.

The wonders of science cannot be described in a nutshell. Wherever we go or stay, we find every possible thing done by science. So the wonders of science prevail everywhere.