Thursday, May 29, 2014

Paragraph on Physical Exercise


  • What is physical exercise?
  • How are body and mind related to each other?
  • How does physical exercise help forming sound health?
  • Mention the names of some forms a good exercises.
  • What form of exercise should one take?
Answer: health is wealth. We cannot enjoy sound health without taking exercise. Physical exercise means the regular movements of the different limbs of the body. There is a close related between body and mind. We cannot think of a sound mind without a sound body. ‘A sound mind in a sound body’ is a wise saying. Physical exercise helps us in a number of ways. It helps our muscles and nerves work properly. It helps us breathe more deeply and get more air into our lungs. It also helps blood circulation and prevents constipation. There are various forms of exercises such as walking, running, swimming, riding and playing different games. We should bear in mind that all kinds of exercises are not fit for all. We should therefore such exercise as will suit us best.


Physical Exercise

Question: Write a paragraph on 'Physical Exercise' by answering the following questions:
  • What do you mean by physical exercise?
  • Why is physical exercise important?
  • How is excess physical exercise harmful?
  • What is the effect of physical exercise?
Answer: Physical exercise is one kind of exercise by which we move the limbs of our body according to some rules. It is very important because we keep our body and mind fit and active by it. We need a sound health for a sound mind and physical exercise keeps role to keep our health sound. Physical exercise is useful in many ways and it enacts our body and strength our brain. But over physical exercise is very harmful and it becomes the cause of illness. So by taking regular exercise we can be happy and healthy.