Sunday, April 27, 2014

Paragraph on A Village Market

Question: Write a paragraph about ‘village market’ using by the following key-words: Buy; Center; Place; Week; Bazar; Permanent; Meeting.

Answer: a village market is a place where villagers meet to buy and sell things. It is a useful buying and selling center for the villagers. It generally sits at an open place on the outskirt of a village or by the side of a river or a canal or a road. There are two kinds of village markets. Many of them sit once or twice a week. These are called hats. Again, big and rich villages have daily bazars. Hats usually sit in the evening while bazars sit in the morning and continue till mid-day. There are permanent and temporary shops in a village market. On the market day many shops sit outside under the open sky. Rice, vegetables, fish, poultry and house-made things are bought and sold in the market. Fish and betel leaves have the largest sale. A village market is the meeting place of the villagers. They also get news and views from here.


A Village Market

  • What is a village market?
  • How often does a village market sit in a week?
  • What kind of shops are found there?
  • How are buying and selling done there?
  • What role does a village market play in the life of villagers?
Answer: a market which sits in a village is called a village market. There are two kinds of village markets: the daily market and the weekly market. The daily market is called ‘bazar’. It sits in the morning and breaks up before noon. The weekly market is called ‘Hat’. It sits once or twice a week and breaks up late in the evening. A village market is broadly divided into three parts: open space, temporary sheds and permanent sheds. Here things are bought and sold after close haggling between the buyers and the sellers. The prices of the things are generally cheaper in a village market. A village market saves the village people from the troubles of going to for buying and selling things. Moreover, it helps them carry on business and make money. It is a good meeting place for the villagers. Thus, a village market plays a very important role in the agro-based economy of the country.