Thursday, February 13, 2014

Short Essay on Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge

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[Hints: introduction: time period of idea for the bridge construction, possibility study, the situation of bridge, source of found, construction, inauguration of the bridge, length and width, position in the world, conclusion]

Jamuna Bridge was once a dream. But finally the dream had been turned into a reality after 4 yearlong efforts of about 4000 people. It is the result of the successive demands of the people of the north Bengal. It the history of the country, the bridge will remain as a milestone. The successful completion of this bridge is recognized as the largest achievement in the past liberation period of Bangladesh. The idea for the construction of a bridge over the jamuna was first chalk out in the sixties of the 20th century. Later on, in June, 1984, the than government of Bangladesh decided to build the jamuna bridge. Later on, in June, 1986, three consultants, called rendal palmer triton [PPT]. NEDECO and Bangladesh consultant ltd. [BCL] completed their first phase of the possibility study, Then in June, 1987, these there consultants carried out a detailed economic possibility and engineering design of the bridge. They also prepared tender documents of the project. The bridge is situated in Eelenga, Tangail and Nakla, Sirajgonj 15 km and 13 km away from the river jamuna respectively. The location is some 300km away from coast. The total project cost was jointly founded by the government of Bangladesh, world-bank, Asian development bank and Japanese-overseas economic co-operation found. The construction work of the bridge started on October, 1994. Thousands of workers including foreigners worked hard to complete the bridge. It has been constructed on steel piles. It consists of 49 spans, 1263 segments, 121 piles and 50 pillars. The bridge is carrying a two lane road with a breakdown lane, a dual track [broad and meter gauge] railway line, a 320 KV power transmission line, a gas pipe line and telecommunication cables. The construction of the bridge was ended on June 20, 1998. On June 23, 1998, the bridge was officially inaugurated by then the honorable prime minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina. The bridge is 4.8 km long and 18.5 m. wide. The bridge is recognized as the 11th longest bridge in the world. To develop the country’s infrastructure; the importance of the jamuna bridge is immeasurable. It is as a blessing of the country.