Monday, January 06, 2014

Short Paragraph on Paper

Paper is well known to us. It is a paper on which we write. Before the invention of paper, people used to write on the barks and leaves to trees and skin of animals. It was first invented in china. Paper is made in mills. It is made of bamboo, grass, rag, wood etc. all these things are first turned to powder. Then it is turned to pulp. From the pulp, paper is made. There is a paper mill in Khulna and another at pakshey. Paper is also made in different countries of the world. Paper is generally white. It may also be red, green, yellow, orange, brown and blue. We cannot write anything without paper. It helps man in the spread of education. Paper is used everywhere in offices, courts, schools and colleges. Paper is also used for making boxes, kites, toys, pictures and many other things. Colored paper is used for education. The country cannot go without paper even for a day. Paper is very useful in daily life. So, we should use it properly.



Paper is a thin white thing. We write on it. It is a very important thing. Modern world cannot do even for a day without paper. Paper was first invented in china. Some believed that the Egyptians first made paper. They made it from the leaves of papyrus growing on the bank of the Nile. The world ‘paper’ came from the world ‘papyrus’. Grass, straw, rags, bamboo, jute and many other things are the raw materials from which paper is made. It is made in paper mills. At first, the raw materials are cut into pieces. Then a past e is made by boiling them. It is then spread on flat plates. After it is dried and cut into pieces of various sizes. Thus we get paper. There are paper mills in almost every country of the world. In our country we have paper mills at Chandraghona in Chittagong, Pakshey paper mills in north Bengal and some newsprint paper mills in around Dhaka. There are many kinds of paper. Some are finding and some are coarse. The main sizes of papers are the foolscap, the demy, the double, crown and the royal. We have papers of different colors. Some white, some black, some red, some green, some mixed etc. books, newspapers, advertisement, letters etc. are written and printed on paper. It is used in schools, colleges, courts and offices. Flowers, kites and toys are also made of paper. We use it in packing things. For the purpose of exporting paper we should set up more paper mills in our country. Paper is very essential.