Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Short Composition on Handicraft of Our Country

Introduction: handicrafts are crafts that are made by hand. The products of handicrafts bear marks of skill d the artisans. They produce a great variety of necessary articles. Cottage industries are also handicrafts.

Its necessity in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is not yet fully industrialized. So many necessary things are being produced by skilled artisans. Bangladesh has a good tradition in the production of handicrafts.

Important products of our handicrafts: hand-loon weaving is an important handicraft of Our country. Dhaka was once famous for the Muslim. Now fine saris with the works of zarees are produced in Dhaka. Saris, lungis, t-shirt’s etc. are produced everywhere in Bangladesh. The weaver of Dhaka, Tangail, kushtia, pabna, joypur and other places produce fine saris. In nakhali and mainamati khaddar cloths made of handspun yarn are produced. The conch shell works of the slakharies of Dhaka is famous. Rangpur is famous for its fine ivory carving. Woven cloths, ornaments, carpet craft, works of blacksmith etc. are important handicrafts in Bangladesh.

Importance: A handicraft of Bangladesh plays an important role in the economy of Bangladesh. The artisans of these crafts show their respective skills in their doing. Though it is an age of science, the products of handicrafts also remain in the choice of our common people.

Conclusion: there is scope for exporting the products of our handicrafts to foreign countries and they can earn a lot of foreign exchange. Government should come forward to help these industries with financial assistance.