Saturday, September 14, 2013

Women’s Contribution To The Development Of Our Country


  1. What is the women’s position in our society?
  2. What is said about the potentiality of the women?
  3. What is the most befitting industry for our women to work in?
  4. What are other fields our women are contributing to?
  5. What do you think about their future participation in the development works?
Answer: Women are a great working force of our country. They are the half of our population. Our women are playing an important role in the country’s development. They are now breaking their prison walls and taking part in different occupations side by side with men. Many occupations are open to them. Garment industry is the best of them to mention. Garment is the most contributing industry in our in our country. Nearly ninety percent of the garment workers are women. Many women work in poultry farms. A large number work as construction workers. Many work as teachers in schools, colleges and universities. They also work as bankers, lawyers, doctors, public figures and administrator. Our ex-prime minister and present prime minister are women too. We expect their increasing participation in development works for the years to come.