Friday, September 20, 2013

Short Paragraph on Using a library

  1. What is library?
  2. What is the necessity of arranging the books in a systematic way?
  3. What are the systems for organizing books?
  4. How are the books grouped in the Dewey decimal system?
  5. Can you cite an example of assigning call number to a book?
A library is a part and parcel of education. It is a store-house of knowledge to the knowledge hungers. There are thousands of different books on different branches of knowledge in a library. It is not possible to find our any particular book from among them without making certain sorts of arrangements of them. This is way these books are needed to be arranged in a systematic way to locate any particular book quite easily. All of the books in a library are organized into categories or classes and then arranged alphabetically within their class. There are two systems for organizing the books in a library. One is called the Dewey decimal system. Most of the libraries follow the Dewey decimal system. Under the Dewey decimal system, the books are a grouped into ten major categories of subject areas. Each category is assigned its own special number within that number range. For example, science is assigned numbers from 500 to 599. A particular science book would never have a number such as 800 or 200. The number that is assigned to a book is called call number.