Sunday, September 08, 2013

Short Paragraph on International Women’s Day


  1. What is the “international women’s day”?
  2. Who fought and struggled for women’s rights?
  3. When and why did the struggle start?
  4. For what kinds of rights did the women fight of achieve?
Answer: the international women’s day is a red letter day in the history of women’s movements for establishing their rights and privileges. The 8thmarch of the year is celebrated as the international women’s day. This day commemorates the gallant story of the ordinary women as the makers of history for the world women at large. They played an extra-ordinary role for establishing women’s rights. The thought of an international women’s day started at the beginning of the 20th country. Then there was prevailing in the world an era of industrial revolution, development and changes in political and basic beliefs. The first international women’s day was observed day united nation. The women of the world gather together every year and hold meeting and seminars to celebrate the occasion for equality, Justice, peace and development. This day has become very important all over the world for the women of both the developed and developing countries.