Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Short Paragraph on Mother Teresa


  1. Where and when was mother Teresa born?
  2. What did she do at the age of eighteen?
  3. For whom did her heart cry?
  4. What did she do for the dying destitute?
  5. When and why was she awarded the noble prize?
Answer: mother Teresa was born on the 26th august of 1920 at Skopje in Yugoslavia. Her father was an Albanian builder. She has two brothers and a sister. They were older than she. At the age of eighteen she joined the order of the sister of our lady of larreto in Ireland. In 1928, she began her journey to India and in 1931 she began teaching at a Calcutta girl’s school. She was a very kind-hearted woman. The mother in her always cried for the sufferings for the poor and the down-trodden. She was greatly moved by the miserable condition of the distressed people in the streets. She founded a home called ‘dying destitute’ in 1953 to look for peach. This large-hearted woman breathed her last on the 5th September, 1997.