Friday, August 23, 2013

Short Paragraph on Arsenic Pollution of Bangladesh


  1. What is arsenic pollution?
  2. How fatal is it?
  3. What should we do the get rid of it?
  4. What should the government do in this respect?
Answer: Arsenic pollution is a serious health hazard. It is caused by drinking tube-well water containing arsenic. Thousands of people in Bangladesh are suffering from arsenic poisoning. Arsenic poisoning is a slow process. It is due to the gradual build-up nature of the poison in the human body. It causes sores in the body, and abdominal pain. Eyes become red, tears fall down from eyes and skin is exploded. It many also cause problem in liver, kidney and lungs. We can get rid of arsenic by drinking arsenic free water; by drinking rain-water; by eating healthy balanced diet; by filtering the arsenic polluted water; by drinking the deep tube well water.


Arsenic Pollution in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh arsenic pollution has become one of the major problems. Nowadays, arsenic pollution is causing hazards to our health. Arsenic is a kind of poisonous element. This element mixes with water specially with tube well water and pollutes it. This kind of water is harmful for drinking. One of the causes of arsenic pollution is the use of deep tube well water indiscriminately. The effect of arsenic pollution is very serious. Arsenic can attack different cells of our body. The parts of the body like liver, kidney, heart, stomach, skin etc. are badly affected by arsenic pollution. Due to arsenic pollution, skin gets peeled off. Itching becomes our constant companion. Face becomes flattened. High cough and ophthalmic attack our body as a sign of arsenic pollution. The facilities for medical treatment of arsenic attack is very inadequate in our country. Patients of this disease are medically treated according to the symptoms. Firstly, the patients must be removed from the source of arsenic. Secondly, the medicine chronic arsenic poisoning must be applied to the sores made on the skin. But these are so expensive in our country that the patients fail to take treatment properly.