Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Season I Like Best or My Favorite Season or The Spring

Introduction: Bangladesh is a favorite play ground of six seasons. The season of spring amounts to one of them. It has certain glaring and distinct features of its own in comparison with the other seasons of the year. I like spring most. It is my darling season – a season after my heart.

Nature of spring: each season of the year has a definite period of its duration to stay in nature. Each season consists of two Bengali months and comes one after another with a cyclic order. Again, each of the seasons has its own special features and attractions to display. Spring comes after winter and lasts from the middle of February to the idle of April. It comprises two Bangali months called Falgoon and Chaitra. Spring comes with the message of joy and hope,

“The trumpet of a prophecy, O’wind,
If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”
Attractions: the attractions of bounteous spring are too many to be described in words. Nature looks gay and cheerful in spring. It is neither very hot nor cold. The sky is blue and clear. A gentle breeze blows from the south and soothes our body and mind. It is the season of new leaves and flowers. Flowers bloom in thousands. They are of all colors. They give off sweet smell all around and charm our hearts. Bees come in swarms and fly flower to flower to gather honey. Their humming sound fills our hearts with sweetness. Butterflies present a very charming sight with their colorful wings. These are very pleasing to the eyes. It is also the season of songs and sweet-notes. The cuckoo pours out melodious songs hiding behind the leaves of the tress. The other song-birds also pour their sweet notes all day long. The twittering of other birds produces trembling music in air.

Effects on mind: spring is the loveliest of all seasons of Bangladesh. It has a great influence of the minds of the people. People feel delighted in their hearts. They enjoy gossiping and story telling till late hours of night with their heart’s content. They also enjoy the pleasure of Jatra, Jari, fairs, boat-races, kabigans etc. With open hearts. Children make merriment's and play hide and seek at moon-lit night thrills in there hearts. They cannot hold back their sweet feelings of appealing spring and feel inclined to write lyrical poem after their hearts. There is a well-know songs of Rabindranath Tagore,
“Full many a flower blooms.
Full many a bird pours out
Today in this very spring”

Reason for liking: a man likes or disliking for a person or thing varies from person the person according to his taste, aptitude and temperament. There is no denying the fact that all the seasons of the year are not equally pleasing and favorite to all. It depends on the nature of the tastes and aptitudes of the people. A popular saying also goes, ‘many men, many minds.’ I am not also an exception to the fact. My mind is greatly allured to the beauteous things of nature. Moreover, I have a strong belief and feeling about beauty, ‘beauty is truth, truth is beauty.’ Bangladesh is rightly called the darling child of nature. It seems that nature has adorned her lavishly with all the stocks of beauties and bounties at her disposal. We can fancy that nature has mad her look like a glamour virgin decorated with heart-touching and eye-catching ornaments of surpassing beauty. Spring is a glowing emblem of the alluring treasure-troves of bounteous nature. It contributes a lot to the surpassing beauty of Bangladesh. It is called the king of the seasons. This season is rich in cooler, Beauty, music and small. Summer is very hot and dusty. Rain is wet and swampy autumn wants in fullness. Winter is cold and dreary. Spring has none of these drawbacks. This season is full of vegetation, sights, sounds, color and magnificence. It makes people forget the sufferings and weariness of another five seasons. Thus spring is a season of beauty and joy for ever. This is why, I like spring mos. Speak the truth; there is none who does not love spring.

Conclusion: thus we find that spring surpasses all other seasons by its pomp, color and grandeur. We all feel inclined to welcome the season with all the warmth of our hearts.


The season I like best or, the spring

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There are six season in Bangladesh. The spring is the queen of all seasons. It comes after winter. It is the loveliest and the most beautiful of all the seasons. So I like this season best. ‘falgun’ and ‘chaitra’ are called the spring season. In this season the fields become green and the flowers bloom. The earth similes. Nature becomes lovely. The cuckoo sings in joy and the bees begin to gather honey. The mango trees blossom in this season. The gentle breeze blows from the south and refreshes our mind and body. Taking all of these the natural beauty of this season is charm full. in Bangladesh paddy and jute seeds are sown in this season. Wheat is also harvested in the spring thought it is the loveliest of all seasons, it brings disease like small pox and cholera. The spring is the best of all seasons. So everybody should like this season.