Thursday, July 25, 2013

Composition on The Independence Day

Introduction: the Independence Day is a red-letter day in the history of every nation. Our Independence Day is the 26the march. Bangladesh came into being on this day 1971 after a bloody liberation war. This is a day to recall why Bangladesh is created.

Preparation: the Independence Day is a much looked for day for the people at large. Detailed programmes are drawn by the government and different public organizations to celebrate the day. The day is a public holiday. Houses are decorated and gates are created in different parts of the country. Everybody is eager to welcome the day with a joyful heart.

Background: Bangladesh is a newborn independent country. We had to undergo a world of pangs and sufferings under the barbaric domination of the different auto rotation of Great Britain as colonial state for long 190 years. Then we had to suffer under the domination of the barbarize rulers of West Pakistan for about 25 years. A mountain high disparity was created by them in the different spheres of national life. They made us crippled economically, politically and culturally. Their atrocities surpassed all the humanitarian limits. But our undaunted leaders and freedom-loving people did not let the matter go unchallenged. They rose up with great determination and started vigorous movement against them. A lot of blood was shed in different movements. At last the war of liberation was waged on the midnight of March 25 1971. The war continued for long nine months. More than 30 lacks of people sacrificed their valuable lives for the cause of freedom. This blood-shed of our heroic people did not go in vain. A proverb also goes, ‘there is a silver lining even in the darkest of clouds’. Justice triumphed in the long run. The pakistani occupation forces surrendered unconditionally to the allied forces on december 16, 1971. This victory confirmed the birth of Bangladesh on the world map. However, March 26 victory confirmed the birth of Bangladesh on the world map. However, March 26 is our independence day because on this day in 1971, the Independence Day was declared. We celebrate this day every year with great honor and solemnity.

Day’s programme: the day’s programme begins with the dawn of the day. The national flag in hoisted on top of the house. It is hoisted on all government and private buildings in towns. Dhaka, our capital city, takes a festive look on this occasion. Various units of our armed forces exhibit parades before the spectators. Sweets are distributed among the children. Special prayers are offered for the martyrs in all mosques, temples and churches of the country. Shaheed families are paid honor and respect. Special foods are supplied in hospitals and prisons. Essay writing competitions stressing on the significance of the day are held.

Various social and cultural organizations hold functions to commemorate the day. Sports and games are held throughout the country. The roads of the town remain crowded with the people of all walks of life. Government and semi-government offices, educational institutions and shops on both sides of the roads are decorated beautifully. In the evening, important government and public buildings are illuminated with mulch-colored bulbs. Radio and television center air special programmes. National dailies bring out special supplements highlighting the importance of the day. Flowers and floral wreaths are placed at the smrity saudh and shahid minar. A song is sung in chorus in honor of the martyrs,

“we shall never forget those
Who achieved independence
For a sea of blood.”
Significance of the day: it is needless to speak of the significance of the Independence Day in our life. Freedom is the birth right of man. No one has any right to snatch away this right. Despite the fact, we had to suffer deadly for lack of freedom for a pretty long time and live quite a sub-human life. We had land but we had no native land. We had language but we had no voice. Speak the truth, we were treated just life the inanimate objects of the earth. So we had no other alternative than to stand upright for the cause of our existence. We shattered the shackles of slavery and won independence in 1971. So the achievement of independence is a milestone in the life of the bangles. It is not merely a date of yearly calendar. It is a day of great thrill. It, is a day of great sensation. It is a day of great victory – a victory of justice over injustice, a victory of truth over falsehood, a victory of light over darkness, a victory of freedom over slavery and a victory of humanity over inhumanity. It is a day of taking on oath of dedicating life for the cause of motherland. It is a day of learning the great lessons that the will of people prevails, for man is born to be free and that the weapons of freedom needn’t be very big and that the oppressors will always be defeated and that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Conclusion: the Independence Day is day of great joy and merriment to us all. The day is observed every year with great festivities across the country. We pledge our love and toil to our beloved motherland:
“Land of our birth, we pledge to thee
Our love toil in the years to be.”