Friday, July 12, 2013

A Journey by Train I Have Made

Introduction: man is by nature fond of variety and change Cowper says, ‘variety is the spice of life’. A journey by train is a very pleasant outing with a great variety. It is more exciting than a journey by boat or by bus. It relieves and man from the monotony of daily life. It is more attractive especially to the students. It is because it gives them an opportunity to escape from the daily routine-bound work and books and classrooms at least for the time being.

Occasion of the journey: I had a prolonged desire to make a journey by train. At last an opportunity came last year. It was the time of summer vacation. One of my friends invited me to spend a week with him in Chittagong. I availed myself of the opportunity with a half an hour before the departure of the train. The station was fully crowded. Hawkers were crying out with shrill voice to vend their goods. Coolies were pushing their way through with heavy loads on their heads. However, the train arrived in time.

Beginning of the journey: I become very surprised to see that there was a long queue before the booking counter. I had to join the queue to buy ticket. I bought a second class ticket and got into the compartment. It was fully packed up with passengers. I occupied a seat beside the window. The time was up. The guard blew his whistle and waived his flag. The train then started to move with a jerk. A gentle breeze came in and soothed my mind. I heaved a great sigh of relief. I found that some of my co-passengers were engaged in gossiping. While some were looking into newspapers and magazines.

Destination: the crimson the crimson rays of the setting sun produced a very wonderful view on the western sky. The moon was smiling overhead. The stars were peeping and shining around the moon like the swarms of golden Bess. I was just struck with wonder and felt like saying,

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star;
How I wonder what you are!”
I reached my station at about 8 p.m. I saw my friend waiting at station. He welcomed me with open arms and took me toe his residence. Thus me journey came to end.

Feelings after journey: though my journey came to and end it seemed that the time had passed away so swiftly. Let me recall the words of Keats,
“The day so soon has glided by,
Even like the passage of an angel’s tear.”
I felt, my imagination kept roaming about with my senses all over the passed-by way. Still now, it floats up before my mind’s eye and gives me immense joy and pleasure. My feelings can best expressed in the words of the poet.
“I gazed and gazed but little thought,
What wealth the show to me had brought.”
Conclusion: it was really a happy journey to me. It added a new experience to the store-house of my knowledge. It also let me understand well that experience is the best teacher. It is needless to say that the memory of the journey shall remain ever fresh in my mind.