Friday, May 10, 2013

Newspaper Or, Importance Of Reading Newspaper Or, The Utility Of Reading Newspaper

Introduction: man has ever increasing thirst for knowledge and information of home and abroad. He wants to know and see more and more and yet more about the unseen and the unknown of the world. Newspaper is the best source for supplying all these whereabouts to man. It keeps us abreast of the time.

What is newspaper:there two wonders of the morning-one is the sun and the other is the newspaper of that day. The word news has been formed with the first letters of the four directional words north, east, west, and south. Newspaper indeed brings news and views from all the corners of the world. Newspaper is a publication of news and views of home and abroad. James Ellis says, ‘newspapers are world’s mirrors.’ All the current happenings and whereabouts of the worlds flash up before our eyes through newspapers. A modern man cannot think of starting of starting his daily work without reading newspapers.

History of newspaper:newspaper was first introduced in china. It was published in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The Samacher Darpan was the first Bengali newspaper in our country. It was published by the missionaries of Sreerampur.

Kinds of newspaper: Newspapers are of different kinds: dailies, weeklies, monthlies, quarterlies etc. Dailies mostly contain news and views and views of the day. Periodicals mostly deal with essays, stories, poems, plays and novels. We have got quite and good number of newspapers both in English and Bengali in our country.

Usefulness/utility: the utility of reading newspapers in too much to be described in words. Newspaper is a store-house of knowledge. It is useful to the people of all walks of life. Our students can acquire general knowledge. Teachers can know valuable news and views on the literary works. Businessmen can know the market conditions of their goods. Sports man can get sports-news and views. Statesmen can get news on political affairs. Newspaper publishes government policies, reviews them and helps amend and reamed of their decisions. Newspaper in called peoples parliament always in the session. It voices the grievances and demands of the common people and suggests ways and means to solve them. Newspaper also helps grow public opinion. It has made the world smaller. It is, in fact, a summary of the current history. Newspaper in feared as the ‘fourth state of the government. Napoleon says,’ your hostile newspapers are more to be feared than even thousand bayonets.

Demerits: there is nothing on earth which is an unmixed blessing. Newspaper is not also an unmixed blessing. It has also some dark sides. The first and foremost duty of a newspaper is publish correct and impartial news. But this purpose in not always served. Sometimes wrong news in published and obscene pictures a shown. These are undoubtedly harmful and destructive to the society as well and to the nation. This should be given up carefully. The aim of publishing newspaper should be the do good to the people at large.

Conclusion: modern age is rightly called the age of newspapers. The more we read newspapers, the more we acquire knowledge. The more we acquire knowledge, the more we become enlightened and cosmopolitan in view. This is why a British minister rightly says,

“A country may go without food several days but not for a day without newspaper.”