Sunday, May 26, 2013

An Application for Organizing a Literary Club

Question:imagine, you are the students of Bindubashini girl’s high school. When there is no class the students of your school like to take part in different kinds of literary activities. But there is no literary club in your school. Now write an application to the head teacher of your praying permission to organize a literary club.

18 February, 2015
The headteacher,
Bindubashini girl’s high school,

Subject: application for organizing a literary club.

This it to inform you that we, the students of class nine of your school, beg to state that we are very eager to organize a literary club in our school. We hope that such a club may satisfy the literary interests of many students. It may also fill the gap of co-curricular activities in the school. Our aim is to organize debates, literary contests and cultural functions. Two of our teachers have kindly consented to guide us.

We, therefore, would request you to kindly permit us to organize a literary club in our school and oblige thereby.

Yours obediently,
The students of class nine.


Question: suppose, you are Masum of X high school in Dhaka. Your feel the necessity of a literary club in your school of want of which the students comet develop there literacy faculty properly. Now, write an application to your headmaster seeking permission to organize a literary club.

18 February, 2014
The headmaster
X high school, Dhaka.

Subject: prayer for organizing literary club.

I, on behalf of the students of our school, have the honor to lay before you the following facts for favor of your kind and sympathetic consideration. We know that literature is the mirror of life. The students of this school are very literary-minded. But we do not have any opportunity to study art and literature. So, we want to organize a literary club under your guidance. This club arranges literary meeting, debates, seminars and cultural activities.

Therefore, we hope that you take necessary steps for organizing a literary club on the school campus.

You’re sincerely,
Atiqur Rahman
On behalf of the students of X high school, Dhaka