Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flood Victims of Sutrapara Need More Relief

Question: imagine, you are salam living at sutarpara union of Dohar Upazilla, District-Dhaka. Your area has been badly affected by the recent flood.

Now, write a letter to the editor of a newspaper drawing attention of the authority concerned to the insufficiency of relief operation in the flood affected areas of your locality.


29 January, 2014
The editor,
The daily star,
Kawern bazaar, Dhaka

Dear Sir,

I would like to request you to publish the following few lines in the readers column of your esteemed daily.

Thanking you.
Yours truly,

Sutrapara, Dohar, Dhaka
E-mail: salam@bangla(dot)com
Flood victims of Sutrapara need more relief

The recent flood has devastated lives and property of the people of Sutarpara union of Dohar Upazilla under Dhaka district. Thousands of people have become homeless as most all the crops of the fields have been destroyed. The people of the area are just starving. In fact, no food is left here. There is no safe drinking water also. Various water borne disease have already broken out in the area. An acute scarcity of food, drinking water, medicine, clothes etc. Has made peoples lives miserable. The relief work run by the government seems too inadequate to support the suffering humanity. So, more relief goods are badly needed to keep the starring people alive.

I would like to draw the attention of the government, different NGOs and wealthy persons of the country to extend their hands of co-operation to the suffering humanity of sutarpara.