Saturday, April 27, 2013

An application for construction a bridge

Question:suppose, you have to come to school crossing a big canal. During the rainy season it creates a great problem for you to come to school. You want to have a bridge over the canal.
Now, write an application to the deputy commissioner of you district to construct a bridge over the canal.


29 April, 2014
The deputy commissioner,

Subject: application for construction a bridge.

Dear sir,
With due respect we, the people of joynagar, would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that a big canal runs across our village, but there is no bridge over the canal. So the people of this village have been suffering for a long time. Particularly, the people have to suffer a lot in the rainy season. There are a bazaar, one high school and two primary schools in this area. So, all the people of this area, especially the students, the old, the children and the women have to suffer terribly. Now, it is a crying need to construct a bridge over the canal immediately for the convenience of the villagers.

In the above circumstances, I earnestly request you to take necessary steps to construct a bridge over the canal and oblige us thereby.

Yours truly,
The people of joynagar, comilla.