Water pollution


  1. How is water important in our life?
  2. How do farmers pollute water?
  3. Who do water crafts pollute water?
  4. What harms does the polluted water do to us?
  5. What should we do the get rid of water pollution?

Answer: water is one of the most essential elements of our environment. We cannot think of our existence on earth without water. Water can be polluted in many ways. We pollute water by throwing waste things and dead bodies of animals into water. Farmers pollute water by using chemical fertilizers and other chemical things in their waste products into the rivers and canals. Water and crafts throw oil, food waste and human waste into water and make water polluted. Water is also polluted by open latrines constructed on the banks of the rivers and canals. Polluted water is a major health hazard. It causes many water-borne diseases and takes heave tolls of lives. We should therefore, be very careful about keeping water free from being polluted.