Thursday, March 21, 2013

Short Paragraph on Bangladesh

Bangladesh is our homeland. She became independent in 1971. She had to fight against Pakistani rulers to attain independence. The area of Bangladesh is 55600 square kilometer. She has a population of about 14 cores. Bangladesh is the eight largest states in the world in respect of population. Most of her lands are plain. But the north eastern and eastern lands are hilly. Bangladesh has many rivers and canals. The rivers and canals are full of fish. During the rainy season, the rivers overflow their banks and flood comes. Flood causes destructions of human lives and property. The land of Bangladesh is very fertile. She produces rice and jute. Rice is the main food of the people and Jute is the golden fiber of our country. Jute brings us lot of money from foreign countries. Sylhet and Chittagong produce tea, tobacco, sugarcane and many other crops. We find mangoes, bananas, pineapple, jack-fruits, coconut etc. in many districts of Bangladesh. We have great love for our homeland. We have many problems. The greatness of the problems is food and population. We should try our best solve these problems. We should serve our motherland. Work for her and love her.