Friday, February 01, 2013

Paragraph on My Favorite Teacher


  1. Who is your favorite teacher?
  2. What is his academic qualification?
  3. What subject does he teach you?
  4. What style does he follow in his teaching?
  5. How does he make lesson interesting?
  6. What is your impression about him?
Answer: Mr. Abdul jabber is my favorite teacher. He teaches us English. He is a teacher of the first water. He possesses all the qualities of a good teacher. He is a brilliant scholar with a sound academic career. He is an M.A in English. We are all charmed by his art of speaking and method of teaching. He has a strong, clear and pleasing voice. Everyday he teaches us in a new style. He speaks English with a foreign accent. He creates an English environment in his class. He is always friendly with his students. He helps us in all possible ways. He helps the weak students with difficult lessons. He makes his lesson intersection and keeps his students active in the class. He also make them confident and proves them clever. He does not sit motionless before his class. He uses his arms, hands and fingers to make his expressions lively and impressive. He maintains strict discipline in the class. He is very honest, gentle, polite, sincere, dutiful and well-behaved. I am greatly impressed by his towering personality.