Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Short Paragraph on A Rail Way Station


  1. What is a railway station?
  2. How do the passengers collect their tickets?
  3. What sorts of things are available in a railway station?
  4. What makes the railway station a place of din and bustle?
  5. What role does a railway station play in our life?
Answer: a railway station is a part and parcel of the train communication system of a country. It is a place for the trains to stop and start from. It has a platform for the passengers to get down and get into the train. Passengers are found standing in a long line to buy tickets. There are station master’s office, booking office, ticket counter and waiting room for the passengers in a railway station. There are also restaurants, book stalls and stationary shops in a railway station. It is a very busy and crowded place. The whistle of the train, the rattling sound of the engines, the busy movements of the hawkers and the porters all make the station a place of great din and bustle. A railway station is a very important and essential place for the people at large.