Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Paragraph on A Moonlit Night

Question: Write a paragraph in about 100-120 words on ‘a moonlit night’. You have to use the following questions in writing this paragraph:

  1. What is a moonlight night?
  2. How does is a moonlit night? Or, how is a moonlit night?
  3. How does the nature look on a moonlit night?
  4. How do the animals do then?
  5. How do people enjoy it?
  6. What is its effect on the poor?
  7. What is the effect of a moonlit night of human minds?
  8. What is the impression of the people on this night? Or, what do people feel on a moonlit night?
Answer: The night in which the moon shies brightly in the cloudless clear sky is generally known as moonlit night. A moonlit night is a remarkable occasion for a beauty seeker. It offers a very splendid and charming view. It is a night of exquisite beauty and joy. In a moonlit night, the moon looks like a disk of silver. The moon bathes the world with him silvery light. The stars twinkling around the moon also add to the beauty of the night. Rickets, oceans, canals and ponds seem to smile in the splendid moonlit night. The trees and creepers look bright and lively. The flowers blooms at night seem to bath in the moonlight. Some birds are seen coming out or their dens run to and for. People of all ages amuse themselves in a moonlit night. They pass some hours in gossiping and telling story. It has a magical power of transporting poets of all languages to sing highly of a moonlit night. It removes the dullness of a night and thrills our gear. It is a great pleaser and source of recreation for the people.


A Moonlit Night

  1. What does the moonlit night present?
  2. What does the moonlit night look like?
  3. What happens to nature in the moonlit night?
  4. How the moon does lit night influence human mind?
  5. At what time of the year does the moonlit night offer more pleasure?
Question: a moonlit night presents a very beautiful sight. It has its own charms and attractions. The moon looks like a large disk of silver in a full moon night. It bathes the whole earth with her silvery light. Rivers, canals and ponds seem to laugh with silvery beam and create an enchanting view all around. Fields and meadows look very splendid. Poets feel a great thrill of joy in their hearts. Children come out of their houses and enjoy themselves by playing and merry making. Elderly men and women also feel thrills in their hearts. They enjoy gossiping and story-telling till the late hours of night. Birds and beasts also feel delighted and roam about a large for prey. Boats moving on the rivers with white sails present a very charming view. A moonlit night in the autumn is much more enjoyable. Thus a moonlit night is really a thing of beauty and a joy for ever.


A moonlit night

  1. What is a moonlit night?
  2. How is a moonlit night?
  3. How does nature look on a moonlit night?
  4. What to do people feel on a moonlit night?
  5. What do lower animals do on a moonlit night?
Answer: a moonlit night is really charming and enjoyable. If presents a beautiful sight. Is dazzles our eyes and sooths our heart. In a moonlit night the moon looks like a disk of silver. The moon bathes the whole world with her silvery light. They water places mean canals and rivers and tanks seem to smile on a moonlit night. The grand spectacles the canals, rivers and tanks present cannot be described in words. The whole nature looks bright and appears in celestial light. People of all age enjoy a moonlit night. Young boys play and little boys and girls make merriments and amuse themselves. A moonlit night is really enjoyable to a newly married couple. Men and women of middle ages cannot come out of doors. They pass some hours in gossiping and storytelling and enjoy the night. Poets of all languages have sung highly of moonlit night, even lower animals come out at night and little insects also fly here and there. A moonlit night is pleasant and fine indeed.