A street hawker


  • Where is a hawker found?
  • How does he carry his articles?
  • What articles does he sell?
  • What does he do to sell his articles?
  • When does he approach the women and the children?

Answer: a hawker is a petty businessman. He is a very familiar figure. He is seen in cities, towns. Even in villages and at different stations. He carries everything with him and moves from place to place. He carries things sometimes on his hand. Sometimes in his hands, sometimes in a bag and sometimes in a small hand cart. He sells various kinds of things including sweets, drinks, ice-cream, chanachur, fancy goods , cosmetic, utensils, books, newspapers, clothing’s and hat not. He uses various tricks to draw the attention of the buyers. He cries out the names of articles in a peculiar voice. Sometimes he starts singing, dancing or even action. He is a very cleverer fellow. He knows the time of his business. He approaches the women and children at noon while the rmale members remain busy outside. He sells tings at a cheaper rate than that of permanent shopkeepers. The things he sells are mostly chef. They have only-catching outward shows. He has to lead a very hard life with in poor income.