Paragraph on Your School Campus

Question: How many buildings are there on your campus? What is the extent of your school campus? Where is the headmaster’s room? Where are the common rooms and the library? What are the main features of your school campus? Where Continue Reading »

Paragraph on Bangladesh

Question: Do you like your country? Where is Bangladesh situated? Which language is spoken by most people? What about the language, food, dress and religion? How is the beauty of our country? Is Bangladesh self-sufficient in food? What about it’s Continue Reading »

Composition on Use of Internet

The word “Internet” is abbreviated form of international network. Network after network joining together has created a large dimensioned network throughout the world. The Internet is the latest miracle that has ushered in a revolution in the application of science Continue Reading »

Paragraph on The Smithy

The smithy? Where is the smithy situated? Who is called blacksmith? How is he? What does he do? Where does he do his work What do the school children do? How does he lead his life? How is he? A Continue Reading »

Paragraph on Tools for Gardening

Question: What are things needed for gardening? What is spade? What is the use of spade? How the spade in made? What is the use of rake? How is the basket made? What are the uses of the basket? Answer: Continue Reading »

Paragraph on Water Hyacinth

Question: What is hyacinth? Which things are needed for gardening? What are the uses of water hyacinth? How is it made? What do farmers do with water hyacinth? How do they look link? Answer: Water hyacinth is an aquatic plant. Continue Reading »