Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Composition on Students and Social Service

“May the dreams of all the world’s men and women
Be fulfilled in our visions!
Visions of us-student!” 
 To fulfill the dreams of the people of the world, students have to be equipped with all types of talent through study. But the only study is not enough for them. They have to render some services to the society especially in a developing country like ours. They can make the general people conscious of education, rules of health and sanitation and population control. They can also teach the farmers about scientific methods of cultivation and stand by the affected people during natural calamities.

The first and foremost duty of a student is to study. But along with studies if necessary, students should render services to educate the huge number of uneducated people. They can set up night schools to teach the uneducated working children and the illiterate adults. During vacation, they can go to villages to teach the village folk.

Bangladesh is an agricultural country and the progress of the country depends on the advancement of agriculture. But our farmers do not know the scientific methods of cultivation. So, the students should teach them about the modern method of cultivation. They can also inspire them to cultivate fish or to raise poultry so that they can be financially solvent.

Most of the people of our country are uneducated and they do not have the knowledge of health and sanitation. Students can teach them the rules of health, sanitation, nutrition and population control. Female students can teach the uneducated women how they can keep their houses neat and clean.
During natural calamities, students’ service is the most valuable. During flood, cyclone or famine, they should stand by the affected people. They can raise funds from the rich and provide the affected people with foods and clothes. The medical student should provide them with free medical treatment.

To advance the country forward, students’, service to the society and to the country is very much necessary. Their sincere endeavor can go a long way to remove illiteracy, poverty and health hazards and turn our country into a prosperous country. However, they should always be conscious that their main duty is to study.

Monday, December 11, 2017

An Application Letter for The Post of An Assistant Teacher in English

Question: Suppose, you are Moin/Meena and you have passed B.A. (Hon's). M.A. (English). You have seen a vacancy advertisement on a newspaper for the position of an English Teacher in X High School. Dhaka.

Now, write a CV with a cover letter for the post.

Moin Ahmed
7/A, Bonani
October 22, 2014
The Headmaster
Ideal Preparatory School

Subject: Application for the post of an Assistant Teacher in English.

Dear Sir,
In response to your advertisement published in The Daily Ittefaq on 15th October 2014, I would like to apply for the post of Assistant Teacher in English in your reputed School. Actually, I am looking for this type of job and I believe that you will find me a suitable candidate for this post. My CV is enclosed with the letter.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you would be kind enough to call me for an interview.

Yours sincerely
Moin Ahmed
Encs. CV

Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Question: Write a short composition (about 250-300 words) on “Unemployment Problem In Bangladesh”.

Answer: Bangladesh is a small country with a large population. She is struggling hard to survive with its hundreds of burning problems. The unemployment problem is one of them. It has become an acute problem nowadays.

There are many causes of the unemployment problem. Generally, there are three causes of unemployment namely, unemployment, inequitable distribution of national wealth and overpopulation.

The present growth rate of population in Bangladesh is 1.48%, which is very high. Abnormal growth of this population is dangerous. Our country is industrially very backward. There are few mills, factories, and firms in our country. The mills and factories that we have can give employment to a limited number of people.

Our system of education fails to give a student an independent start of life. It has little provision for vocational training. Being an underdeveloped country, about 51% of people are illiterate, which is very tragic.

Our students and youth have a false sense of dignity and prestige of being officers. They think that service is more honorable than an independent business. People aren’t very much conscious of manual labor. In our country, national wealth is not distributed equally. It creates unemployment problem directly or indirectly. The supply of land is so limited that it cannot employ a large number of people.

Unemployment is a curse to men. Every man wants to live in peace. The unemployment problem obstructs this expectation of man. An unemployed man has to lead a vagabond life. Life becomes a burden to him. The evil effect of unemployment is not confined to the economic field only. It destroys the sense of moral values and leads to undesirable activities from the feeling of despair and anger. A society burdened with unemployed fellows can never prosper in the world. This is why government along with the common people should work co-operatively for the removal of unemployment as one of the primary duties.

A Report on Human Chain to Protest Against Eve-Teasing

Question: Suppose, you are a reporter of  ‘The Daily People’. Recently the college teachers and students of your town formed a human chain to protest against Eve-teasing.

Now, write a report based on your observation.

Another Victim of Eve-Teasing: Human Chain in Protest

Answer: Sumon, staff correspondent, Comilla, 11 Jun 2017: Eave-teasing victimized a college girl Sham Sohani Mou (16) here at Mughaltoli in the town yesterday at about 11:30 am. With this, death toll around the country due to Eve-teasing reached to 19. The victim, a 1st-year student of Rajshahi College, had been irritated by her 24-year-old neighbor Zakir for several months, according to her family sources.

Yesterday while she was on her way to college, Himel along with some of his friends blocked her way and made suggestive remarks. As she protested they pulled her scarf off and slapped her in the face. No one around dared to come and help her from fear of teasers. Mou could not tolerate such insult and so return home she committed suicide with her scarf tied to the ceiling fan in her room. When the news of her suicide came out, all the students and teachers of the colleges of the town came out on the roads. They formed a long human chain from Shashan Gacha to Mughaltoli in protest of Eve-teasing. When asked, a protester Kibria said, this correspondent, “We earnestly hope, this human chain will create public awareness against Eve-teasing.”

Later, the students and teachers gathered in the town hall field. The gathering was addressed by Principal, Victoria Govt. College, Principal. Ajit Guha College and some other student leaders. They all demanded exemplary punishment of Zakir and his friends. Police Super, Rajshahi Abdul Quaiyum Said, “The miscreants will be brought to trial at any cost.” A case has been reported to be the field with Sadar Thana in this regard.

Composition on Uses and Abuses of Satellite-Channels

Telecasting the Television (TV) programmes of the different countries of the world, satellite channels have added a new dimension to television. Satellite telecasting gives us the opportunity of knowing the culture, politics, trade and commerce, present happening and past incidents of the world. But at the same time, satellite channels telecast, vulgar and violent programmes that have the negative impact on the soft mind of the young generation. Thus satellite channels have both positive and negative sides.

Satellite channels broadcast the programmes related to the culture of the different countries. We can enrich our culture combining our own culture with the positive traits of another culture. Again the political condition of other countries, their initiative to develop the country, their move towards the improvement of the condition of the people and political approach come to us through satellite channels. 

Thus we are inspired to lead our country towards betterment. Satellite channels have a positive impact on our trade and commerce. Through satellite channels, we can know the condition of the business around the world. So, it becomes possible for us to have an effective presence in the business world. Again, satellite channels give us ample opportunity of enriching our knowledge.

Various programmes of such as, scientific programmes, the debates, and informative programmes broaden the domain of our knowledge. In providing entertainment the role of dish antenna knows no bound. After the day’s routine work, various programmes like musical shows, dramas, comics and other programmes help us to get rid of fret and fatigue of the monotonous life.

Despite these positive aspects, satellite channels have also some negative aspects. Firstly, it kills our valuable time. Many children pass more time in watching TV than in reading. Not only the children, the adults also sometimes cannot avoid the charm of the satellite programmes disregarding the wasting of time.

Sometimes, satellite channels also telecast vulgar and violent programmes. The incident, dress of the actors and actresses, their immoral activities mislead the young generation. Again, the violent movies may take them to the path of violence.

Nothing can be out and out good. Satellite channels are not an exception. However, should not watch the bad programmes of satellite channels and should watch only those programmes which are supported by morality and are helpful for enriching our knowledge.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Report on The Devastating Consequences of Drug Addiction in The Context of Bangladesh

Question: Write a report on the devastating consequences of drug addiction in the context of Bangladesh.

Consequences of Drug Addiction: Bangladesh Context

Answer: Staff correspondent, Dhaka, 22 February  2017: Drug addiction, especially among the youngsters of our country, is rising alarmingly which, experts fear, will bring about devastating consequences for Bangladesh.

Youths are taking drugs being frustrated or simply out of fashion. But once they start taking drugs, they become addicted and cannot come out of the circle easily. But this addiction is creating a lot of problems. Drugs are usually costly. So, to manage drugs, youngsters are getting involved in different crimes including hijacking. As a result, peace and prosperity in the society are getting barred. On the other hand, drugs destroy the physical and mental soundness of the users. So, gradually the drug addicts become a burden for their family and for the country in course of time. So, we should not let the bright future of our near and dears to be ruined into darkness. The govt. as well as the entire conscious people should take a concerted effort to save our youngsters forms the cruel claws of drug addiction.

An Application for The Prohibition of The Cell Phone in The Classroom and In the Examination Hall

Question: Write an application to the principal of your college requesting him/her not to allow any student or teacher to use the cell phone in the classroom or in the examination hall.

11 April 2017
The principal
Holy Cross College
Farmgate, Dhaka

Subject: Application for the prohibition of the cell phone in the classroom and in the examination hall.

Dear sir
With due respect, I would like to inform you that the students, as well as the teachers, very often use their cell phone in the classroom and even in the examination hall. It literally disturbs the smooth learning environment to a great extent. The use of cell phone in the classroom and in the examination hall must be stopped.

Yours sincerely,
Tanzila Tarita Anika
Roll no 3, Class XII