Composition on The Elephant

[Hints: Introduction, Description, Kinds, where found, Food, Habit, How caught, Usefulness, Conclusion.] Introduction: The elephant is a large four-footed animal. It is the largest of all animals on land. Description: The elephant has four legs each like a pillar. It Continue Reading »

Composition on The Horse

[Hints: Introduction, Appearance, Kinds, where found, Food and habits, Usefulness, Conclusion.] Introduction: The horse is a faithful animal. It is called a noble animal for its intelligence. Appearance: The horse is a four-footed animal. It has a strong body covered Continue Reading »

Composition on My Pet Animal

[Hints: Introduction, My pat, Description, Nature, Usefulness, My duty to Kitty, Conclusion.] Introduction: Man keeps domestic animals for some specific works. Some of them are kept only for love’s sake. And they are called pets. My pet: I have a Continue Reading »

Composition on The Cat

[Hints: Introduction, Description, Nature, Food, Usefulness, Conclusion.] Introduction: The cat is a small domestic animal. Its body is covered with soft fur. It looks like a tiger. Description: The cat has four legs, two small ears, two bright eyes and Continue Reading »