Paragraph on Silence

Question: What is silence? Which objects do make a man talkative? Why should we keep silence? What are the benefits of keeping silence? Why does it give enjoyment? Answer: Silence is quite unnatural to any man. He begins his life Continue Reading »

Paragraph on Our Neighbor

Question: Who are neighbors? How is your neighbor? Why is it necessary to keep cooperation with them? How do they help us? How do they behave with others what are the roles of your neighbor in the society? Answer: Those Continue Reading »

Paragraph on A Moonlit Night

Question: What is a moonlit night? What is the scene of nature in a moonlit night? How do the people feel on a moonlit night? What is the scene of the river and Riverside? What are the charming scenes in Continue Reading »

Paragraph on A Birthday Party

Question: When was the day? What did Lata’s mother make? What was the occasion? What did Lata use? When did Lata cut the cake? What did Lata’s friend do? How was the birthday party concluded? Answer: It was the 10 Continue Reading »

Paragraph on My Birthday Party

My birthday is observed every year. Some days ago my last birthday was observed. It was the 20th of October. Our house was decorated with flowers, balloons and Colourful bulbs before the day. I phoned my friends to join my Continue Reading »

Paragraph on Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is fatal to health. Yet drug addicts cannot free themselves from the clutches of drugs without professional help and family support. Drug addiction means the regular intake of drugs by smoking, inhaling or by injections. At first, people Continue Reading »

Paragraph on A Road Accident

Answer: What are, the main causes of a road accident? When did the accident take place? Where did this accident occur? What did you do after the accident? Answer: Reckless driving, the inexperience of drivers, mechanical failures etc are the Continue Reading »